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Today we are happy to announce that Netrock101 has become part of  shoutcast radio and the RadionomyGroup. What this means is that Radionomy will be taking care of the streaming and royalty fees for the station moving forward. This will allow us to grow our audience without growing our cost at the same time. This is a luxury we have not had in the past. We want to thank you the listener for supporting the music and the station over the last 14 years. We would be know were without you. We will still remain in the producer role so the station content will remain the same. We are in transition moving to the new server location. This will require new listen links for everyone.  We have already updated the website links and released the updated new android app.  Unfortunately we were not able to push a update to the old app.  Thanks again and keep rocking   

Music Submission

We would be happy to add your bands music to the station playlist. But please listen to the station and get a feel for the stations content first. If you thing that it is a fit then send your information to


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